Read the Bible in a year 2022

1 Peter 3.15

As I write this, I’m recovering from a car accident, but I didn’t want to delay any further in posting my Bible in a Year reading plan for 2022. Because of my circumstances, it’s the same spreadsheet-to-PDF file as last year with only the year changed. I didn’t try to get fancy with it. 🙂

I made a chronological plan (my preferred reading method) and a canonical plan (straight through from Genesis to Revelation). You can download either PDF or grab them both to decide which one you prefer. And feel free to share!

If you are visually impaired, you can listen to many versions of the Bible on Bible apps or websites. Not all translations have been recorded in audio format by narrators, so if you use your own audio reading device, I pray that it accurately translates the words for you.

Here are links to my two favorite websites/apps that offer audio translations and also have incredible research and commentary tools. In reverse order of preference:

Blue Letter Bible screenshot - Listen to the Bible

I’ve sent a message to BLB through its website (image below), and I know they’ll respond. Last time I had a question, I got a thoughtful response that thanked me for the feedback, and we had a lovely conversation. They’re working on my suggestion (to be able to sync my reading plan progress among my computer, phone and iPad). 😊

submission to Blue Letter Bible

If you’d like to read the Bible in a Year post wrote last year, click How to read the Bible in a year. It explains the plans with a bit of context.

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