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These are a few of the resources that have helped me gain a better understanding of God and his Word:

Jen Wilkin is one of the few women’s Bible study teachers I recommend. I’ve found her to be solid, without all the touchy-feely stuff I get from other women’s Bible studies. (In fact, I’ve stopped attending women’s studies because of the focus on “how it makes me feel.” I want something that helps me to know God better and serve Him well.)

If you want to know how to study the Bible, check out Jen’s excellent book Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds.

She also has several Bible studies available, including this one on the Book of James that you can download free from her website. I’ve been through the study, and I highly recommend it!

Mike Winger on YouTube: “Can I Trust Bible Translations: Evidence for the Bible pt17.”

In this video, Mike Winger (known for his in-depth research on tons of biblical topics) provides a fair and thorough review of several Bible translations, including a couple he admonishes us to avoid.

Wes Huff: I discovered Wes via the above video from Mike Winger. The chart below from his website might help you choose a translation or two to use in your studies. Wes has a ton of biblical charts on his site, and he allows downloading. Check out that page here.