Welcome, and please excuse the ‘mess’

Suzyoakley.com is going through a major overhaul, and I can’t wait to welcome you to the new site. For more than three years, this page has served as “my digital business card” — a static page hard-coded by my husband with no “theme” (that’s blogger-speak), no updated posts — just a picture of smilin’ ol’ Suzy and a mini-bio with links to my two other blogs.

As I begin to narrow my focus and concentrate more on my book writing and freelance editing, I want my main website to reflect that.

I’m toying with some ideas about grammar and editing, and you’ll find those topics here if that proves to be an area where folks want and need to read tips and inspiration.

Stay tuned — I won’t leave you hangin’ for long!


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Learn How to 


13 Tips
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    Be confident talking about touchy topics.
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    Lose the fear that you’ll offend someone when you share your faith.
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    ‘13 Tips for Having a Conversation with Someone Who’s Different’ teaches the art of respectful dialogue.

Check your inbox for a link to grab your 13 tips and be added to the mailing list for updates. And don’t fret about spam. I won’t bombard you with a bunch of unwanted mail. Ick.


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