Is somebody trying to tell me something?

My pastor is preaching a series called “The Gospel According to John.”

Last week, when I finished the short reading plan I had been doing in the Bible App (there’s that app again!), I clicked “discover” to see what plan I might want to start next.

What popped up first?

Two studies on … you guessed it: John! (I opted in to both.)

Bible page - Book of John
Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

Yesterday, Brent preached on my favorite chapter in the book: John 15 (I am the vine; you are the branches).

I’ve loved John 15 ever since discovering a life-changing little book several years ago called “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson. You really should read it. It’s short on pages but long on impact. (Remember “The Prayer of Jabez” from the 1990s? Same author, same impact: short but powerful.)

In last week’s email, I referred my subscribers to The Bible Project and the John study I had just started. Don’t worry; not every day’s reading contains a busy, fast-paced video. In this plan, some days you’re just reading a passage, no video. Even though I love the videos (such creativity packed with information), sometimes I just want a meaty passage in a textual format. This has the best of both worlds. 🙂 

And then there’s J. Vernon McGee’s 21-day study, “Gospel of John: What it Means to Believe Jesus.” If you want written commentary with your verses, this is your plan.

Layer upon layer, word upon word — whether it’s visual, textual or oral, God is immersing me in the words and teachings of John.

Did I mention I recently finished a reading plan on Revelation? (Insert laughing emoji.)

This immersion is reminding me that I need to be connected to the true Vine, Jesus Christ, if life is to make sense – if I want to have a Kingdom impact on the world.

What about you?

If you’re not a big reader or are perhaps intimidated by the Bible, I think the Book of John is a great place to start. Its language is straightforward and easy to read. Many people suggest the book as a starting place when they encounter a non-Christian who wants to learn about our God. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.”

Looking for your next reading plan? You can’t go wrong with John!

I must admit that, even though I love John, another book in the New Testament is my favorite (it was my dad’s fave, too). Stay tuned; I’ll let you in on it pretty soon.

Do you have a favorite book, passage or story from the Bible? Spill the beans! Leave a comment and share it with the rest of us.



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