If you’ve known me for more than 30 seconds, you know I love me some Bible App. 🙂 

I’ve been using this digital version of the Bible for several years now (on my phone, my iPad and my computer), and I’ve done many of the devotional plans — some yearlong (read the entire Bible in a year) and some just a few days.

The video below is from a five-day plan I’m loving this week, and each day’s video is a blessing and a challenge. Forgive those who persecute me? Love my enemies? Ouch!

But let the Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King challenge you to love, forgive and be a light in the darkness. Dr. King certainly has reason to harbor bitterness, but let her show you how she has learned to overcome it (and it is still a journey, she admits).

This 3-minute video is from Day 4 (because that’s the day I’m on as I write this), but every stinkin’ one of these messages is awesome. I’ve wanted to share all of them with you every day!

If you want to watch all of them, go to the Bible App and sign up for Cultivating a Heart of Mercy.

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