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My first book, “Purple Socks and Peppermint Tea,” is a Christmas romance inspired by the Hallmark movies Bruce and I binge-watch every year at Mom’s. (I think Bruce likes Hallmark movies as much as Mom and I do!) Click here to buy an ebook or paperback copy on Amazon.

At the moment, the first chapter of “Purple Socks” is your FREE GIFT for signing up for my book-related newsletter, but I’m writing the prequel and will change out the free gift soon. To sign up for weekly notifications (which will include news of my books AND recommendations on books I’m reading, plus occasional giveaways), please click here or fill out the little form that may have popped up. 💜  In mid-2020, I’m working on Clem and Ginnie’s story, which starts when they’re teenagers; you met them when you read “Purple Socks and Peppermint Tea.”

I’m also working on a nonfiction book, “The Atheist’s Wife,” which won’t be out for several months. If you’d like to be on the wait list for that one, you know the drill: Click here (same link as above).

The Lord has been teaching me SO much in this process of publishing and promoting my first book — including humility and gratitude.

Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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