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11 simple steps to cleaning out your purse

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) from qualifying purchases. Is the weight of your purse or tote enough to keep your chiropractor’s children in private school for several years? If so, it’s time to clean it

What to expect from SOS in 2021

2021 didn’t exactly sneak up on me, but I had some challenges that made it hard to focus on things that needed to get done. Starting in February 2020, my family lost six family members, a friend and our nearly 16-year-old puppy. A few days ago, we said our final

Reader survey – what kind of planner do you want?

Hey and howdy! I’m creating planners (digital and physical), and I’d love your input. Would you mind completing this short, mostly multiple-choice survey for me? Click here for the reader survey. If you’re not already a subscriber to Suzy Oakley Solutions (weekly tips, tricks and accountability, usually on Saturdays) and

How to read the Bible in a year

Will 2021 be the time you finally read the entire Bible in a year? I hope so; there’s nothing more rewarding than developing a habit of time with the Lord in daily prayer and Bible reading. I’ve read the entire Bible several times over the years, and I say that

He held her hearts in his hands

He held her hearts in his hands The day of 11-year-old Emily Harmon’s heart transplant in January 2017, a profound truth hit her mother: “As I shook the surgeon’s hand, it hit me that his hands had held both of Emily’s hearts today,” Tanya said. As Christians who believe in

Computer Shortcuts Graphic

5 ways computer shortcuts can save you a ton of time

I’m not sure when I discovered the beauty of a computer shortcut – or exactly when I dubbed myself the Queen of Keyboard Shortcuts. 🙂 But I LOVE them. I had used PC systems at all four of my summer newspaper internships, but it wasn’t until my senior year of

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