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Hey, there! Just a quick post to let you know that if you’re visiting looking for certain content, you’ll probably see posts but not sidebars (which include my welcome

A new chapter, and what that means for you (and me)

A lot has changed since 2019 ended. On Jan. 1, I began working from home after having been “downsized” from my full-time job. I’m still employed by the company I’ve

Embracing change and a fun look back

I’m about to enter a period of uncertainty (but, really, when is anything certain in this temporal world?). On Jan. 1, I’ll go from working a 40-hour-per-week “day job” –

Dad's grave with U.S. flag

When small sacrifices have big meaning

Today’s post was supposed to be about memorizing Scripture — a follow-up to last week’s post about handwriting the Scriptures — but we’ll get to that next time. I wanted

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