A new chapter, and what that means for you (and me)

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A lot has changed since 2019 ended.

On Jan. 1, I began working from home after having been “downsized” from my full-time job. I’m still employed by the company I’ve worked for since 2015, but now my status is “on call,” and I love that!

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find my “new normal.” I floundered around for a while — shuffling things around on my desk, writing a little on my book, updating my freelance editing profile on LinkedIn, researching some income streams and feeling a little off kilter (but free!) because of the new schedule — but I finally got serious and grabbed my Google Calendar. Now I have my daily schedule laid out, and it feels good.

The blog content is about to change, and I’m going to be on a regular schedule instead of this sporadic stuff I’ve been playing around with. Really. I have it on my Google Calendar. 🙂

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In a sense, I’m going back to my blogging roots. When I began this journey in 2007, I posted at Suzy & Spice whatever struck my fancy. Sometimes that included book reviews, sometimes recipes, sometimes goofy stories about my life. I’ll still sprinkle in goofy stories (I live to put a smile on your face), but this space at SuzyOakley.com will be more focused than that. It will be more akin to what I started posting at To Well With You in 2015, including productivity tips, admonitions to get more sleep and take care of your body (preaching to myself, too), inspiration for living life to the fullest, and things I’m creating for an Etsy shop I’m about to open. (Jesus will still show up here, too; that’s not gonna change.)

The blogging experts say you have to “niche down” to be successful, and I get that; if you narrow your target audience, you’ll serve your readers better because you’re not wasting time on what they don’t need or want.

Here’s what you’ll be seeing at SuzyOakley.com:

1) Ways to get organized. I recently became a certified paper organizer and will start hosting workshops (in person and online) this spring. The method has helped me set up a system to get my nightmare of papers under control (the influx just never seems to stop), so I’ll share more about that soon.

2) Printable things. I like to make checklists and trackers and stuff that helps me stay organized, and I get giddy sharing them with others. I’m actually working on one right now, but here’s one I quickly threw together. It’s a very basic menu planner that you can download as a PDF. I also have a grocery shopping list and menu planner in one, but it’s still a work in progress. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what types of planners and printables you’d like me to create, or would you like me to teach you how to make your own???

3) Budgeting tips. I’m a certified budget coach, and I’ve been a crazy spreadsheet nerd for many years. I like sharing ways to help you live within your means. (We don’t have to call it a budget if that word gives you hives. 😊)

4) Tech tips. I share things such as keyboard shortcuts, productivity apps and other ways to make your electronic life more efficient — that’s another thing that makes me giddy. (I’m the queen of keyboard shortcuts. Just sayin’.)

5) Tutorials. As we go along, I’ll ask you what you need, and I’ll create little tutorials (maybe an email course, maybe a YouTube video) to demonstrate some fun and easy ways to do things. 🙂 Let me know what you’d like to see.

6) Content that YOU suggest. This space is about you. Tell me what you want.

Please send your ideas via email (sign up for my list here — I’m also working on an organizing-related free opt-in) or by using my contact form here.


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