Bruce and I typically don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day — at least in ways that cost money. No offense if you get all giddy about (and dressed up for) the Feb. 14 observance. It’s just not our jam, anymore — at least now that we’re a broke married couple. 🙂

The anthology What We Love is free on Amazon for a few days, starting Feb. 13.

I prefer to celebrate February as Black History Month and American Heart Month.

No, I’m not black, but I did have heart surgery a few years ago and I wear my little Origami Owl locket with the red ribbon charm and the tiny little Heart Beat charm during February. (Scroll to the bottom of this post if you want to support our Force for Good program by purchasing those charms.)

You may wonder what all this red ribbon heartbeat Valentine’s Day talk has to do with my headline. Well …

Feb. 14 is our big ol’ promotion day for the anthology I collaborated on with 100 other authors (yes, this is a book with 101 authors).

The e-book, called What We Love, is out now on Amazon Kindle, and Valentine’s Day is the big push. (So I guess the Oakley household will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year!)

Good news: Today (Feb. 13) and maybe for a few more days the e-book is FREE.

Also good news: You do NOT have to have a Kindle device to read this book. You can download the Kindle app wherever you download your apps, and then read it on whatever device you use, including your computer.

I don’t know how long it will be free (maybe five days?), so if you want it, you’d better click now and get it before you forget.

By the way, I didn’t participate in this community book project for the money, which is actually $0 for the authors.

That’s right; we authors aren’t getting paid. The editor, Donna Kozik, gets the proceeds, and she deserves every penny. She has spearheaded several of these community book projects, organized dedicated editing binges (the whole community editing one another’s essays together), put up with our endless questions — “Remind me: What’s the deadline?” “When does it go live?” “When do we start promoting it?” “Is there an image of the cover I can use on social media?” “When will it be free?” (until I’m sure she’s ready to flee the country, but I’m sure one of us would still track her down) — hired people to design the cover, promotional graphics and all that stuff, and handled the million other details involved in getting a book published on Amazon and promoted to the world.

She has earned the $$.

I participated in this project for a lot of reasons, even though there was no paycheck. 🙂

And Valentine’s Day is when we hope this sweet little book becomes a bestseller.

If you’d like to help make that happen, please download the book here — remember it’s free for a few days (and always free on Kindle Unlimited) — write a review if you’re so inclined, and feel free to share this post or the link to the book.

Thanks in advance!


Origami Owl has these charms available in its Force for Good section. Proceeds aid charitable organizations and individual families.

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