About me

Lots of words describe me: writer, editor, runner, wife, step-mom, friend, coach, recovering perfectionist, volunteer, champion of worthy causes, lover of dogs, food and baseball ...

I want my epitaph to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." I want to serve others and bring glory to my Creator while I'm doing it.

I look for ways to step outside my comfort zone, because I believe it's the only way to grow stronger and wiser. I don't want to waste an opportunity to learn.

I wrestle with things, and I hope that in my wrestling I can help others who struggle.

I'm a certified wellness coach and a certified running coach, and I write a blog that focuses on wellness, fitness and running. You can find my wellness blog (established in June 2015) here: To Well With You, and the related social media page here: Facebook: To Well With You

The other place I write is what I call the "big-sister blog" – I've been writing there since 2007, and the topics are more general. You can find it here: Suzy & Spice

I hope you'll visit both blog sites, see something you like and subscribe to one or both.

And if you'd like to learn about safer skin care and cosmetics, visit my Beautycounter page: Beautycounter/suzyoakley

Email me: suzy@suzyoakley.com
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